Farming Simulator 17 – Economy


Hey there farmers!
We’ve been publishing a series of dev blogs to give you an insight into the exciting new features coming to Farming Simulator 17, which releases later this year. For this post, we’re taking a look at the economy system in this latest entry!
Basic Economy
The basic economy of Farming Simulator 17 is very similar to Farming Simulator 15. In the finances menu, you’ll be shown a recap of what can be sold, and at what price:
Red arrow – Price is going down.
Green arrow – Price is going up.
Blue – There is a great demand for this type. Unloading stations are competing with each other, so a station may detect a sudden need for a certain commodity. When that happens, a temporary demand peak starts. During demand peaks, the unloading station in question offers a significantly higher price than usual. You will receive a message as soon as peak demand starts, and you can look up all current demands in the Prices menu.
Green – Price is very good at this location for now.
Red – Price is very low at this location for now.

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Tip anything whenever and wherever you want in Farming Simulator 17. Pile up your goods and pick them up later again with shovels, conveyor belts or even the mighty HOLMER Terra Felis 2 eco sugar beet loader.

Farming Simulator prides itself in its meticulous attention to detail. Every vehicle’s interior and exterior is faithfully recreated in Farming Simulator 17 thanks to loyal partnerships between GIANTS and the vehicle brands.

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