Loess Hill Country V 4.1

Version 4.1
– Fehler bei den Dirt-Trigger von Kühen, Schafen und Schweinen behoben.
– Futtermischanlage bei den Schweinen produziert jetzt Schweinefutter.
– Ein Teil der 2D-Wälder ist durch fällbare Bäume ersetzt worden.
– Produktionszweige überarbeitet: Geschwindigkeit sowie Menge an Rohstoffen angepasst.
– Saatgutverbrauch angepasst.

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Hello dear LS fans,
Many will know my south resin map already from LS13 & LS15, now it is finally also available for LS17!
6 months work I put into the map to make them LS17 ready and above all to make even more beautiful and detailed.

Since welcome to the natural park “Südharz” and to the green southern Harz Karstlandschaft in the north of Thuringia!

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So here is my map i have been working on the past six months it is still in beta stages which means there is still some things that need doing to it,
i.e pda, road signs, possible more extension, etc etc.
this is a basic logging map with sell points for logs and woodchips at the sawmill along with a large storage area for storing woodchips.

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